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We have brought together a unique range of premium care and lifestyle support services, designed to enable you to live an active life in your own community; reducing your dependency on family, friends and others.

Whether you are struggling to continue with your hobbies, find the stairs increasingly challenging, or want help with the gardening or DIY, aVida can help. From specialist equipment through to a therapy package or an on-going care relationship, we can keep you in control for longer. We can provide tailored packages for those requiring occasional help right through to respite, night sits and 24-hour care.

To download the full brochure of our services, follow the link here.

Bespoke home care services

aVida aims to deliver a reliable and trustworthy service to you and your loved ones, enabling you to enjoy more quality time doing the things you want to do, without worrying about your personal needs.  We are available 24 hours a day to help you and your family.

As experts in providing home care, aVida is committed to delivering a comprehensive range of high quality services. We know our customers are discerning and need to be able to trust us completely. We have set ourselves demanding standards and will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Nothing is too much trouble or too small – try us today and you’ll trust us tomorrow! To speak to a member of our team or to begin your journey with aVida, get in touch by booking your unique personal needs assessment via our assessment officer on:

Tel:       01452 415 066


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